Saturday, July 30, 2016

Using SWO on nRF52

在 Nordic Semiconductor 的產品討論區上,看到有使用者詢問如何使用 SWO 來輸出資訊。在花了一點時間嘗試後,將使用方式記載如下:(原文網址

The following steps showing how to configure the SWO
  1. add the additional define "ENABLE_SWO" to the project setting, which will set the nRF52 P0.18 as SWO instead of been a common GPIO
  2. set the TRACECONFIG register for trace port debug interface; the detail can be found in here. If you are using JLink-OB on the PCA10040, the maximum SWO sampling frequencey is 7.5MHz, so it is needed to configure the TRACEPORTSPEED to 4MHz.
  3. Set the trace enable register and trace control register which in the "Instrumentation Trace Macrocell" to turn on the ITM stimulus
  4. call the ITM_SendChar(uint32_t ch) to transmit the character via ITM channel 0, the detail can be found in the /components/toolchain/CMSIS/Include/core_cm4.h
Sample code:

 #include <stdint.h>  
 #include "nrf.h"  
 int main(void)  
   // step 2  
   // step 3  
   ITM->TCR |= 1;  
   ITM->TER |= 1;  
   uint8_t c = 65;  
   while (true)  
     // step 4    
     if( c >= 90){  
       c = 65;  

After flash the code, execute the JLinkExe and set the SWO speed to 4MHz, then you will see the result on the screen:

 ~$ JLinkExe -if swd -device nrf52 -speed auto  
 JLink>swoview 4000000  
 Receiving SWO data @ 4000 kHz  
 Data from stimulus port 0:  

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